About Page

This site is here to speak truth.  I have followed professional basketball intensely for as long as I can remember.  While my opinions come from my own observations, I grow my opinions from listening closely to former NBA coaches, NBA players, and all athletes.  I study the history of the game and I strive to appropriately incorporate analytics and efficiency stats.  I would NOT term myself an “analytics” guy.

As someone not currently associated with any major sports media company, my vantage point does have some advantages.  Mainly, that my opinion is not biased by the group think of other writers and broadcasters.

While its true the NBA is a stars oriented league, I study every player on every roster up and down.  Lazy NBA studying will not yield the truth about what allows teams to win Championships.  Articles of mine may not always be as flashy as “Top 25 PG’s of all time”, but rather about some underrated incoming 2nd round picks, a critique I have of a teams roster construction, or anything else I deem noteworthy.  ALL about championships(elaborate on how studying small moves matters.)  I dream of educating the NBA fan and raising the minimum standards for what is a quality executive and acceptable functioning level for NBA organizations. (attack problems from all angles)  These NBA players lives are being affected by horrible management and they shouldn’t be.

Other facts about me:  I’m 27 years old. I’m from Long Island, NY.  I’ve lived in New Orleans, LA for almost 8 of the last 9 years.  Important aspects of my life include my friends, trying to become more cultured/ learning new things, humanitarian work, and exploring spirituality. (AND the N.B.MothaFucking.A.)